Top ways to make the most of your VoIP on-hold messages

Top ways to make the most of your VoIP on-hold messages

The time customers spend on hold when calling your business presents a crucial opportunity to make a positive impression. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) on-hold messages, in particular, offer a versatile and dynamic way to communicate with your audience during these moments. By optimizing your on-hold messaging strategy, you can provide invaluable information about your products and services, highlight ongoing promotions, and more. Read on to learn about the top ways you can maximize the impact of your VoIP on-hold messages, ensuring that every second on hold contributes to your business goals.

Increase brand recognition

Ditch the generic elevator music and robotic voices. Develop a professional, well-written script that is informative, engaging, and reflects your brand personality. Consider incorporating helpful tips relevant to your industry, or share interesting company facts to keep callers interested. Include your company name, tagline, or a catchy jingle to ensure your brand stays in mind even while customers wait.

Target your audience

Not all customers are created equal, so tailor your on-hold message content based on the typical caller your company receives. Do you mostly get potential clients seeking information? Or do you often receive calls from existing customers inquiring about your services? Understanding your audience allows you to craft targeted messages that provide real value.

Educate, inform, and reward

Use your on-hold messages to tell customers about your business. Briefly explain your unique selling proposition, share upcoming events, or provide helpful information related to your industry. You can also highlight new promotions, showcase popular products or services, or even offer exclusive deals for those who wait on hold. This not only keeps their attention but also reinforces your brand expertise.

Keep it concise and clear

When people are on hold, they are not actively seeking information. While you can use the time spent on hold to promote your business or services, remember to keep your message concise and easy to understand. Aim for short, digestible bursts of information delivered in a clear and friendly tone.

Include a call to action (CTA)

End your message with a clear CTA, whether it's directing customers to a specific website for a special offer, encouraging them to explore a new product line, or simply reminding them to reach out should they need any assistance.

Regularly update your message

Don't let your on-hold messages become stale. Update your content regularly to reflect seasonal promotions, new company initiatives, or even upcoming events. This keeps your message fresh and relevant for repeat callers.

By implementing these strategies, you can transform your VoIP on-hold messages from a routine interaction into a strategic advantage for your business. For more business technology tips, call our IT experts today.

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